Working on an ultralight backpacking gear? Here hold a few tips that will help you work towards your goal.

First, you must have the right mindset and the right attitude. This will help you let go of the extra baggage you don’t need. The basic rule is that you take only what you need. This doesn’t entirely mean that you have to let go of all your leisure items. After all, you are out to have fun. But do cut down on them though. You don’t have to bring the whole library. You must also get all practical with your ultralight backpacking gear. When shopping for sleeping bags, jackets, and ultralight backpacking tents, you must choose those that are made of down fill insulation. They are a tad lighter than the plastic type. Your clothing system is also an excellent place to cut down on the weight of your baggage. Wind shirts are great options as they are unbelievably light. You even get the bonus of extra comfort and warmth.

An even more practical way to save on some extra weight is to share your ultralight backpacking camping gear with your camping buddies. You only need a single set of cooking clothes if you are to share your food and you only need a one man backpacking tent if you pack with the 8-person type. You can also share the all-to-important mindset and philosophy. You have to agree among yourselves that you do want to go ultralight backpacking.

Aside from sharing your gears with your camping buddies, you can also extend the sharing thing to the gear itself. You can use a single speed for a multitude of purposes. Some tents are perfect for both providing a shelter and a rain gear. Going ultralight is not only about the right attitude or mindset; you also need some necessary skills. This is something you get from experience matched with innovativeness. Or you can simply keep doing what you’re doing—relying on expert authors over the Internet to give you the vicarious learning that you need.

The whole ultralight plan starts with a decision, an affirmation that you do want to go lightweight backpacking. This will give you the assertiveness you need to let go of that extra book.

You already have the right mindset and skills to implement your ultralight plans. Now what you need to do is to shop for the best ultralight backpacking gears available. This should not be a problem though as most new and innovative products are designed towards this purpose. And you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home to get the best gears available in the market. You only have to log on to websites that are willing to give you exactly what you want.

Speaking of gears, you must not forget to include camping lanterns on your list. They are excellent providers of outdoor lighting plus you get a whole range of lamps to choose from. The list includes gas lanterns, kerosene lanterns, LED camping lanterns and electric lights for camping.

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